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Individualised personal support

We’ve been putting fantastic support services around local athletes with the desire and ambition to achieve since 2012.

In that time, over 20 of them have reached the pinnacle of world championship success, including the Olympics and Paralympics.

If you want to be a champion at any level, then we can support you.

  • County champion
  • National champion
  • International champion
  • Commonwealth Games champion
  • World champion
  • Olympic/Paralympic champion

The full  details of our current packages can be found here Derbyshire Institute of Sport offer_na_ 2020_2021

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what we can offer

We offer an environment where athletes can learn how to be successful. Our caring and supportive team will guide athletes to become independent, knowledgeable and in control of their future. Every element of service provided is done with education in mind – we want our athletes to understand why we do what we do and what difference it will make to them.


Strength and Conditioning

Create the physique you need to meet the demands of your sport


Understand your personal physiology and learn how to prevent, treat and rehabilitate injuries.

Performance Psychology

Train your mind to make the right decisions and perform when it really matters

Performance Nutrition

Learn how, what and when to fuel your body to perform at your best and prevent injury

Support and Guidance

International travel, pathway planning, tournament preparation, studying whilst training, menstruation, growth.

Commercial Identity

Develop your profile and ability to present in a way that makes you memorable and distinct

Progression to British Athletics World Class Squad

“The DIS has been an invaluable support to me throughout my athletic journey assisting with my progression onto the British Athletics World Class programme. The DIS provided me with strength and conditioning, physiotherapy and lifestyle advice. I will always be grateful for the support and guidance given”.

Niamh Emerson – Heptathlete

Junior World Champion  & 2018 Commonwealth Games bronze medallist.

DIS Ambassador

Progression to British Para-Swimming World Class Squad

“Thank you for the years of support you have given me, it has been invaluable and allowed me to better myself”

Lewis White – Para Swimmer

2016 Rio Paralympics bronze medallist  & 2018 Commonwealth Games silver medallist

DIS Ambassador

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