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For passionate people with the drive and determination to become a champion in their industry

Business Champions Club

Have you ever noticed that you seem to click with some people easier than others? When the pressure is on, have you ever noticed that some people respond in a similar way to you, but others react differently?

Perhaps you seem to connect best with colleagues who are particularly outgoing or enthusiastic. Maybe you tend to relate to those people who make decisions with their heart, taking into account personal situations, and who are able to see the bigger picture.

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For passionate coaches who want to develop themselves to create a better experience for the athletes they care for.

Coaching Champions Club

Would you like to become part of a new high-performance group of coaches who are dedicated to creating positive, meaningful environments for their athletes to thrive?  Perhaps you want to know more about what other coaches do from other sports?  Or maybe you want to connect with a team of coaches who share the same challenges as you?

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A monthly workshop or webinar to learn from experts about the key topical issues, including; creating a high performance environment, constraints led coaching, competition intensity training, nutrition for athletes, preventing injury, volume vs intensity



A psychology profiling tool to understand your mindset and behaviours as a coach followed by a group debrief session with our performance psychologist, Dr Phil Clarke

A performance profiling tool to asses your overall performance as a coach followed by a performance planning workshop.

Opportunities to shadow other coaches in other sports



A high-quality coaching notebook for you to document everything that you learn.

A recommended list of books, podcasts, and newsletters

An exclusive closed Facebook group for you to connect with the other coaches in the DIS Coaching Champions club

Expert Support

Learn from the best to be the best

The Coaching Champions club is led by Andy Wood.

Andy is a former Great Britain Olympic Head Coach and Team Manager who has been coaching athletes for more than 40 years. He has worked for the International Olympic Committee and also devised and implemented a Future Stars Programme, which has continually produced top international badminton players. He is now working on his sixth Olympic cycle having been Team GB Head Coach and Team Manager for the Sydney, Athens and Beijing Olympics before filling the same role for the Australian national team in the 2012 London Olympics and for Bulgaria in the 2016 Rio Olympics. At home, Andy has also supported and encouraged grassroots sports. He is proud to be co-founder and Head of Performance of DIS and continues to be driven by a passion to support and nurture athletes and their coaches at all levels.

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