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 Our services are specifically tailored to provide support for athletes of all levels, from beginners to elite performers.  

Get Stronger, Run Faster

Cost: £150 per person    |    Bookings: | 01332 593857

Would you like to be a faster runner without being asked to train more miles?  Why not book our Stronger Strides programme to find out how specific strength training can make you run faster for longer?

The Stronger Strides programme has been specifically designed to help runners develop strength and, in doing so, run faster.  Whether you are just starting your running journey or are a regular competitor, the Stronger Strides programme could be your next step to improving your performance.

The Stronger Strides programme is designed by former Great British athlete and the lead Strength and Conditioning coach at the Derbyshire Institute of Sport, Laura Wake and is delivered by Alex Van Enis.

What’s involved?



A personalised strength & conditioning assessment

We will assess your movement competency and strength capacity against normative data which will then be presented back to you, alongside your video analysis.

A coached introduction to strength and conditioning

We will coach you through a range of exercises to determine which ones are right for you. We will also show you the appropriate progression and regression options to suit your current athletic ability.

An eight-week training programme

Designed for you to complete in your own time. Following your assessment and coached session, you will be provided with your eight-week programme designed to help you run faster.

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