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Individualised personal support

In order for you to reach your potential, we create a support structure of services that are specific to your needs and your schedule. We take a holistic view on your lifestyle and work in collaboration with your existing support team (coaches/parents/NGB staff). The aim is to create a bespoke service plan that adds value to your environment and gives you the best possible opportunity to achieve international success.

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Based in the new Sports Centre at the University of Derby, we offer an environment where young athletes can learn how to be successful. Our caring and supportive team will guide athletes to become independent, knowledgeable and in control of their future. Every element of service provided is done with education in mind – we want our athletes to understand why we do what we do and what difference it will make to them.


Strength and Conditioning

Laura Wake and James Quinn

Initial assessment, individualised training programmes based on your training cycle, and regular sport specific testing.


David Sprot

Initial movement screening, treatment plans, rehabilitation, support with hospital treatment if required.

Sports Psychology

Dr Phil Clarke

Workshops, guidance and tasks, individual one to one consultation, referral service to a Sports Psychiatrist (Dr Alan Johnson) if required.


Nicky Gilbert (Clinical Dietician)

Workshops, guidance, tasks, menus,  one to one consultations when appropriate.

Support and Guidance

Andy Wood

International travel, pathway planning, tournament preparation, studying whilst training, accommodation support, general conduct.  As well as this we have a dedicated safeguarding officer.

Exposure and Recognition

Lloyd Madsen

Our athletes are supported to develop their profile to showcase themselves at athletes.  Athletes are given exposure on our website, social media, and opportunities to present at events.

Progression to British Athletics World Class Squad

“The DIS has been an invaluable support to me throughout my athletic journey assisting with my progression onto the British Athletics World Class programme. The DIS provided me with strength and conditioning, physiotherapy and lifestyle advice. I will always be grateful for the support and guidance given”.

Niamh Emerson – Heptathlete

Junior World Champion  & 2018 Commonwealth Games bronze medallist.

DIS Ambassador

Progression to British Para-Swimming World Class Squad

“Thank you for the years of support you have given me, it has been invaluable and allowed me to better myself”

Lewis White – Para Swimmer

2016 Rio Paralympics bronze medallist  & 2018 Commonwealth Games silver medallist

DIS Ambassador

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