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We are delighted to offer our world-class support to passionate, driven people who want to be champions in their business or industry sector.

Good leadership is the key to success in business. To be a good leader, you need to be the best version of yourself. The first step is to understand who you are, what drives you and why you click with certain people but not others.

How do you behave in different situations and when you are under pressure?  Greater understanding of your mindset will help you to maximise your strengths and learn how to adapt your personal style so that you can make strong connections with others. This understanding can then be applied to getting the best out of your employees, sub-contractors and collaborators.

Business Champions Club is a 12-month programme,  launching in October, 2020. It has been designed, and will be delivered, by our performance psychologist Dr Phil Clarke. It will give you the tools to be the best version of yourself and – as a result – accelerate your business growth.

Phil is a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society and has delivered performance psychology support to a number of FTSE 250 companies. He is also an Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist (Sport Psychology) with the British Association in Sport and Exercise Science and has been the sports psychology lead for the Derbyshire Institute of Sport since 2018. In this role, he supports athletes with training their mind to perform at the highest level, overcome challenges and setbacks and build resilience.

Invest in a 12-month business champions programme and you will receive:

  • An individual Spotlight Profile to assess your mindset and behaviour
  • Six workshops/webinars throughout the year on key issues, led by Dr Phil Clarke
  • Four individually coached sessions with Dr Phil Clarke throughout the year
  • A high-quality high-performance journal for you to complete tasks and track your progress
  • Discounted price on Spotlight Dynamics
  • Membership of an exclusive closed Facebook group where you can connect with the other club members

To find out more, and register your interest, contact us here.

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