Apply to become a DIS athlete

Do you have the potential to be World Class???

The key purpose of the Derbyshire Institute of Sport is to support individual athletes to progress onto National Governing Body World Class programmes.

Application criteria:

  • Athletes must reside in Derbyshire or compete for a Derbyshire squad/club
  • The majority of athletes will be aged between 15 – 20, however there are some exceptions dependant on the sport
  • Athletes must take part in an individual sport and be competing in an Olympic / Paralympic disciple of that sport
  • Athletes must be able to evidence their potential to achieve one of the following performance targets during the coming season:
    • Win a national championship medal
    • Be selected by the NGB to compete internationally
    • Gain selection onto a World Class Potential squad
    • Have a UK ranking within the top 15 of an U17 or older age category (some exceptions will be made for early specialisation sports)

The DIS does not support:

  • Athletes who do not live or compete for a Derbyshire squad/club
  • Athletes involved in team sports
  • Athletes involved in sports where selection for the Olympics/Paralympics is based on a professional ranking where the athlete is earning significant sums of money (e.g. tennis, golf)

NB: There are a limited number of places available on the programme, so please do not assume that meeting the criteria automatically means that you will be selected. 

All athletes, existing and new, who hope to be part of the Derbyshire Institute of Sport in 2018/2019, will need to complete one of the application forms below.

The deadline for submission is 1st July 2018, to receive support from 1st September 2018 – 31st August 2019.

Please answer all questions and provide as much information as you think relevant. The selection committee will look at each application closely and make a decision based on previous performances, future potential and the qualities needed to continue to progress in your sport.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Chloe Maudsley –  07507 817209