Athlete Appearances

Our athletes and coaches are able to provide an excellent insight into performance sport.

They have a no compromise approach and are able to articulate what it takes be in a highly competitive environment.  The DIS are keen to inspire the next generation of athletes and coaches are able to offer the following services:

  • Event support
  • Inspirational and motivational presentations
  • Role model / Ambassador duties
  • 1:1 mentor support
  • Small group insight discussions (motivation, dedication, having a winning mentality, how to be successful, performing under pressure etc)

We encourage all of our athletes and coaches to engage with their community and we accept requests for bespoke support in addition to those listed above. The fee* for an athlete or coach appearance is £100. If you would like to request an athlete / coach appearance, please complete the form below.

*The appearance fee is highly dependent on the nature of the request and the time required on the day. We will discuss requirements and fees with you on a case by case basis) .