Derbyshire Institute of Sport takes the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk very seriously.

In sport, as in other areas of life, we recognise that children, young people and adults at risk can be more vulnerable to harm, abuse and bullying so we are committed to ensuring safe practice is adhered to within our company.

If you are a young person you have the right to be treated fairly and enjoy taking part in sport. If something is worrying you, don’t keep it to yourself, please contact the DIS safeguarding lead or talk to your parents/careers.

As a parent/ career you will want your child to have a positive time when taking part in sport and to do this in a safe and friendly environment. We ensure that all of our staff are recruited using safer recruitment procedures and we also ensure all our staff sign a Code of Conduct.

DIS Safeguarding Lead: Chloe Maudsley